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Semplice v1.2

Dear Semplice friends. Today we're happy to announce another fantastic update for Semplice. Of course this update comes completely FREE for all existing Semplice customers. For those who're interested, we highlighted the best features and the full change log below.

Introducing, the Semplice Cover Slider

Besides many small updates, with this feature we like to introduce a brand new way of designing your homepage for your portfolio. Focus on your best 3-6 projects, the Semplice Cover Slider is the perfect way to present them in the best way possible.

The Semplice Cover Slider is simple, first you create your projects and after you chose which you want to highlight on your homepage. This makes it easy to rotate featured work on a regular basis or just pick your best 4 out of a bigger pool of work.


If you have any specific questions please visit our Helpdesk or if you like
to integrate your own Cover slider, here is how you can do it!

Thanks for helping us make Semplice the best portfolio system out there.

IMPORTANT: If you're already a Semplice customer please read the following update instructions carefully to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Full Change-log:
ADDED: Option for a subtle image zoom in fullscreen covers
ADDED: Option to add a vertical fullscreen slider from existing fullscreen covers
REPLACED: Old light box with a new fullscreen light box (for Blog and Editor)

ADDED: Option to change the title and category font size for full width thumbnails
ADDED: Option for a subtle image zoom in fullscreen covers
ADDED: Divided Navbar & Menu Control Panel in 3 parts (Logo / Navbar / Menu)
ADDED: Option to change the horizontal padding for logo and nav in fluid nav bars
ADDED: Option to center the standard menu items in fluid nav bars
ADDED: Option to change the letter spacing for all menu items
ADDED: Text transform option for all menu items (Normal, UPPERCASE, lowercase)
ADDED: Option to change the horizontal padding between standard menu items
ADDED: Option to add a background color for the mouseover on standard menu items
ADDED: Option to add a background color for the active standard menu item
ADDED: Set an specific menu point active while in a project
ADDED: Thumb hover size to always cover dimensions of thumbnail images
ADDED: Option to change the project panel title (More selected projects)
ADDED: Option to change the project panel title font size (More selected projects)
ADDED: Option to select if the content starts after the nav bar or straight on top
ADDED: Added new default skin for the audio and video controls
ADDED: Our own mediaelement.js to avoid the video resize Bug in WordPress 4.0
ADDED: Option for transparent controls in the video module
ADDED: Option to pages and projects to hide the navigation
ADDED: Option to open bigger version of image in light box on click.
ADDED: All images in a light box will automatically create a gallery inside light box

OTHER: Changed the nav bar & menu defaults for both the out-of-the box
navbar and the defaults for creating a new custom navbar & menu
FIXED: Bug where fluid non-gutter layouts with 2 cols crashed
FIXED: SVG logos now gets the width and height per CSS
FIXED: Wrong top margin from 404 pages and PW protected pages
FIXED: Multiple spacers in the content editor produced error
FIXED: Blank background-image: url() no bg image error
FIXED: Cover headline images bigger than 1170px don't scale
FIXED: Width of the cover headline images calculated wrong on mobile
FIXED: Project panel button stays active in the drop down menu
FIXED: Bottom white space on certain pages
FIXED: Font colors gets overwritten after changing the letter spacing
FIXED: Html code entered in the fullscreen cover headline gets displayed as plain text
ADDED: Missing translations to the language files (thanks to Anton)

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