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Semplice Release v1.1

Dear Semplice friends, we listened to your feedback and are excited to announce the first FREE Semplice update. With Version 1.1 we not only fixed remaining bugs but also implemented new functionality that make creating websites and portfolios with Semplice even easier, faster and much more efficient. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

IMPORTANT: If you're already a Semplice customer please read the following update instructions carefully to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Full Change-log:

ADDED: Source code view for the WYSIWYG Editor
ADDED: Create multiple portfolios through categories
ADDED: Edit letter spacing to the WYSIWYG Editor
ADDED: Duplicate content blocks functionality in content editor
ADDED: Instagram Icon to social networks in navigation
ADDED: Option to switch between buttons & icons for sharing bar
ADDED: Edit the link active state (text and background) in custom navbar
ADDED: Use existing pages/projects as a template for new pages/projects
ADDED: Remove format function for the WYSIWYG editor
ADDED: Open link on image in new or same tab option
ADDED: Color the back to top arrow
ADDED: Paste text WYSIWYG editor gets converted to plain text per default
ADDED: Edit the font weight in the custom navbar
ADDED: Add a poster image to an self hosted video
ADDED: Hide the project panel (both in header or footer)
FIXED: Endless loading bug on Content Editor resolved
FIXED: Row inner background in multi columns now transparent per default
FIXED: Fixed hidden social icons in safari (both on osx and ios)
FIXED: No gutter multi column layout breaks on safari and ios
FIXED: Fullscreen video cover fallback BG image scale on mobile
FIXED: Text transform option on fullscreen cover not being applied
FIXED: Fullscreen cover to scroll down with the project panel
FIXED: Background-position not resetting changing from actual size to full-width
FIXED: On retina devices the wysiwyg editor icons didn't show up
FIXED: Default link color didn't applied to content editor pages
FIXED: Multi column contents left margin gets overwritten
FIXED: Fullscreen cover to scroll down with the project panel
FIXED: Fullscreen cover scale fails after clicking on the project panel button
FIXED: SVG logo's clickable area exceeds the navbar if no height defined in SVG
FIXED: Multi column module shows two columns on 767px breakpoint
FIXED: Theme options button link in the admin bar
FIXED: Branding now correctly applies to body instead of the content holder

** Notes: With WordPress 4.0 they introduced an video resizing bug in mediaelement.js. If your portfolio is specialized on self hosted videos please try not to update to WordPress 4.0 and wait till WordPress 4.0.1

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