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How to get unstuck

We know how it is, we're designers our selfs and one of the biggest challenges we face is getting started, or getting finished with our portfolio - We want it to be perfect and the moment we take a little break from working on our portfolio we have the urge to redo everything again.

While working very closely with many designers during our beta phase we established some basic tips & tricks to make sure nothing is in the way of publishing your new amazing portfolio.

Rule 1. Keep it simple, maximum of 4-6 works

Make sure to only prepare your 4-6 best projects on your portfolio. That's the first version you're going to launch with. There are many positive aspects to this exercise, but mainly it helps you to focus on showcasing your best work first. It also helps a lot to not overwhelm your visitors when visiting your portfolio for the first time. If you think you need to prepare 10-20+ works for your first launch you did something wrong. Remember, focus is key, for yourself and for your visitors - No one goes through 20 projects anyway.

Rule 2. Set yourself a straight deadline

Followed by the first exercise, give yourself a deadline of 4 weeks. Launch your portfolio no matter what, even if it's not perfect and even if some portfolio items might be missing. The key is to ship it fast, then keep iterating and making it better over time. Semplice gives you the perfect tools to do just that.

Rule 3. Get inspired

Push yourself by looking at other portfolios and get inspired as much as you can. Everything that pushes you is good for you. We highly recommend our Semplice showcase with fantastic examples by other world leading creatives - Each of them struggled to get their portfolio online, but each of them did it by following Rule 1 & 2.

Well, now it's up to you! Put on some good tunes and get it done! Please do let us know once you launched your portfolio and we would love to help you spread the word via Twitter & Facebook.

Keep on rocking,
Your Semplice team

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