November 17, 2015 - Comments Off on Introducing Semplice v3.0 (Single Edition)

Introducing Semplice v3.0 (Single Edition)

Dear Semplice friends. Today we're excited to announce our Semplice v3.0 update. We received a lot of great feedback over the last couple weeks, and with this update we like to address most of it.

With this update we continue to make Semplice the best & most powerful portfolio
platform available. Of course this update is free for all existing Semplice members.

Introducing, Semplice v3.0

We've added a range of new featured, fixed a lot of bugs and of course went through all of your feedback to make Semplice even better. To highlight some of the most exciting features we recorded a quick video for you.


Make sure to read our full change log in case you like to see the
full list of new features and bug fixes.


Where do I get the new v3.0 Update from?
Great question! If you have already activated our One-Click update feature in our last update, you will see the update within in the WordPress backend under Dashboard > Updates.

If you have not yet installed our One-Click updater, you can simply use your personal download link (which you received in your order confirmation email) and manually install Semplice by following these update instructions.

I can't find my download link?
That's okay. Just email us at and include either your Order ID or the email address you used when purchasing Semplice and we will make sure to send you the v.3.0 update.

Is Semplice v3.0 free for existing customers?
Yes! The new update is free for everyone, including Single, Studio & Business Edition.

Keep on rocking,
Your Semplice team

May 2, 2015 - Comments Off on Semplice v2.0

Semplice v2.0

Dear Semplice friends. Today we're happy to announce our Semplice v2.0 update.
With this update we continue to make Semplice the best & most powerful portfolio
platform available. Of course this update is free for all existing Semplice customers.

Introducing, Semplice v2.0

Our biggest update is the option to receive One-click Updates in the future. It has always
been a big pain to update Semplice. But with our new version all you have to do
is click one button if you like to receive updates for Semplice in the future.


With Semplice v2.0 we also introduce our beloved Dribbble Module. With just a few clicks
you can integrate your latest Dribbble shots to any page you want to keep your
portfolio updated with your latest work in progress. Try it, you'll love it.


For our experts we finally added a code module which you can add anywhere to
any page you want. With that you are free to add any content you like.
(for example interactive prototypes of your work, right into your case studies)


Long time coming, but you can now finally add Buttons to your case studies or pages
created with the Semplice Content Editor. Buttons can be completely customized
within Semplice including their hover state.


We refined the overall navigation of Semplice and added new options to customize
your personal navigation, including a fullscreen version in case you don't like
to expose all your navigation items on your homepage. Checkout the demo.

And much more!

Make sure to read our full change log in case you like to see the
full list of new features and bug fixes.

Where do I get the new v2.0 Update from?
If you already purchased Semplice, you will receive an email to the
address you used when purchasing Semplice. If you did not receive an email,
until May 4th, please write us a quick email with your order ID to

Is Semplice v2.0 free for existing customers?
After a lot of thinking, we decided to make it free for all existing customers.

How do I update my current version with the new v2.0?
Great question! Please read the update instructions carefully
when upgrading to our new version.

Keep on rocking,
Your Semplice team


November 26, 2014 - Comments Off on Semplice v1.2

Semplice v1.2

Dear Semplice friends. Today we're happy to announce another fantastic update for Semplice. Of course this update comes completely FREE for all existing Semplice customers. For those who're interested, we highlighted the best features and the full change log below.

Introducing, the Semplice Cover Slider

Besides many small updates, with this feature we like to introduce a brand new way of designing your homepage for your portfolio. Focus on your best 3-6 projects, the Semplice Cover Slider is the perfect way to present them in the best way possible.

The Semplice Cover Slider is simple, first you create your projects and after you chose which you want to highlight on your homepage. This makes it easy to rotate featured work on a regular basis or just pick your best 4 out of a bigger pool of work.


If you have any specific questions please visit our Helpdesk or if you like
to integrate your own Cover slider, here is how you can do it!

Thanks for helping us make Semplice the best portfolio system out there.

IMPORTANT: If you're already a Semplice customer please read the following update instructions carefully to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Full Change-log:
ADDED: Option for a subtle image zoom in fullscreen covers
ADDED: Option to add a vertical fullscreen slider from existing fullscreen covers
REPLACED: Old light box with a new fullscreen light box (for Blog and Editor)

Read more

"Don’t overlook the power of well executed presentation. Put time and effort into figuring out the best way to document your projects."

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September 21, 2014 - Comments Off on Semplice Release v1.1

Semplice Release v1.1

Dear Semplice friends, we listened to your feedback and are excited to announce the first FREE Semplice update. With Version 1.1 we not only fixed remaining bugs but also implemented new functionality that make creating websites and portfolios with Semplice even easier, faster and much more efficient. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

IMPORTANT: If you're already a Semplice customer please read the following update instructions carefully to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Full Change-log:

ADDED: Source code view for the WYSIWYG Editor
ADDED: Create multiple portfolios through categories
ADDED: Edit letter spacing to the WYSIWYG Editor
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September 10, 2014 - Comments Off on How to get unstuck

How to get unstuck

We know how it is, we're designers our selfs and one of the biggest challenges we face is getting started, or getting finished with our portfolio - We want it to be perfect and the moment we take a little break from working on our portfolio we have the urge to redo everything again.

While working very closely with many designers during our beta phase we established some basic tips & tricks to make sure nothing is in the way of publishing your new amazing portfolio.

Rule 1. Keep it simple, maximum of 4-6 works

Make sure to only prepare your 4-6 best projects on your portfolio. That's the first version you're going to launch with. There are many positive aspects to this exercise, but mainly it helps you to focus on showcasing your best work first. It also helps a lot to not overwhelm your visitors when visiting your portfolio for the first time. If you think you need to prepare 10-20+ works for your first launch you did something wrong. Remember, focus is key, for yourself and for your visitors - No one goes through 20 projects anyway.

Rule 2. Set yourself a straight deadline

Followed by the first exercise, give yourself a deadline of 4 weeks. Launch your portfolio no matter what, even if it's not perfect and even if some portfolio items might be missing. The key is to ship it fast, then keep iterating and making it better over time. Semplice gives you the perfect tools to do just that.

Rule 3. Get inspired

Push yourself by looking at other portfolios and get inspired as much as you can. Everything that pushes you is good for you. We highly recommend our Semplice showcase with fantastic examples by other world leading creatives - Each of them struggled to get their portfolio online, but each of them did it by following Rule 1 & 2.

Well, now it's up to you! Put on some good tunes and get it done! Please do let us know once you launched your portfolio and we would love to help you spread the word via Twitter & Facebook.

Keep on rocking,
Your Semplice team

Build your portfolio with the work you want to do in the future instead of just using it as a backlog of projects. Your portfolio is not what you did, but what you’re going to do next.

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September 9, 2014 - Comments Off on Semplice Showcase

Semplice Showcase

Dear friends of Semplice

We finally launched our Showcase, featuring the best portfolios & websites built completely with Semplice - Carefully handpicked just for you. If you like to join the club and enter the chance to get selected for our showcase please embed the "Built with Semplice" badge somewhere in the footer of your about page and give us a quick shout on Twitter, Facebook or via E-Mail so we can take a look at your masterpiece!

Please understand that we can't promise everyone to get featured in our showcase, but we would love to spread the word of your new Semplice page via Twitter & Facebook so make sure to let us know once you launched.

Visit the showcase here! 

September 8, 2014 - Comments Off on Finally! Semplice is here.

Finally! Semplice is here.

Yes! After more than a year of development, testing and many iterations we can finally share the first (at least first public) version of Semplice with you.

We aim to help creative professionals to show their work in the best way possible. Our first product is Semplice, based on WordPress it gives you a powerful & flexible tool to create a portfolio that will stand out & doesn’t look like a standard template. You deserve something better than a standard template - Semplice is the fresh new approach you’ve been waiting for. Built by designers, for designers.

We believe in the power of the WordPress community and we believe in open source. That’s why Semplice is completely self-hosted and you fully own the code & files. We know you need the freedom. Semplice is not a template but a powerful system. Semplice stands for pushing the boundaries, going the extramile and building with pride.

-Your Semplice team